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About Eduardo de la Cruz

Eduardo de la Cruz, is an accomplished draftsman, painter and graphic designer, that has been working with a technique he calls “transparent collage” a sophisticated computer technology. Through the creation of multiple layers of images originating from a multiplicity of his own paintings and drawings, and precisely controlling their density and opacity exporing the deepest strata emerging.Eduardo evokes a fantastical world for the viewer to explore. Enhancement by computer, printing and further working on the prints by adding pastel, color pencils and acrylic painting creates unique, original work which could not be accomplished using traditional methods.Eduardo states, “I’ve taken subjects I find most compelling: the figure, the landscape, the detailed study and symbolic abstract forms, and combined them; not just side by side as in traditional collage, but fluidly and transparently, drifting together and showing through each other to enhance the meaning and beauty of each image. Eduardo graduated from El Camino College (Torrance, CA) with a double major in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. He also received an art scholarship, to attend art classes at the University of Southern California (USC) through the Ryman Program. Presently he is the CEO of Boxart Collection, a fine art clothing company established four years ago in Mexico City.Thanks to his quality of his designs and products de la Cruz is the one of a kind designer for boxing jackets.Eduardo is privileged with making special clothing designs for famous athletes and artists around the globe, such as Floyd Mayweather Sr, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Snoop Dogg, and Cedric-The-Entertainer.

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