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Walking out to the car, oblivious of the surroundings, your mind consumed with the thoughts and concerns of the day, looking up you’re suddenly overwhelmed with a sunset of inexplicable beauty. These experiences are what artist Ken Clark is after. Born and currently located in Oklahoma City, Clark’s unique style emerges from the philosophy that whatever it takes to achieve the desired effect, do it. “I’m always looking for new ways to apply paint, or if drawing, charcoal”. This philosophy goes well with the diversity of subject matter in Ken’s work. Landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and portraitures are all shown in a variety of nature’s settings. Often described as an “artists artist” Clark’s work arouses the mystery and paradoxical nature of our search for truth and meaning.Ken has studied with David Parker, landscape artist Matt Smith, and charcoal artist Robert Kelley.Clark’s most recent work is currently on display – a one-man show titled “FLOW” consisting of over 60 works of oil paintings and charcoal drawings.

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