life In Motion 8″ X 10″/11″ X 14″/16″x 20″/30″ X 40″ Giclee On High Gloss Metalby: Romanho

People United For A Green Planet

People United For A Green Planet

About People United For A Green Planet

The ‘Butterfly Art Collection’ designed by Romanho, portrays contemporary butterflies in flight over the colorful landscape portrayed by ‘stripes’ celebrating the colorful landscape of America.The stripes represent the beautiful fields where the butterflies return every spring to rejoice in life again.Many butterfly species (such as the Monarch Butterflies) are in danger of extinction due to climate change, pesticides and another human factors.Let’s invite them back to the fields through collecting this art printed on premium high gloss metal for your home and/or office.Also, Romanho donates a percentage from your purchase directly to the Environmental Defense Fund, EDF.Select ‘Environmental Defense Fund’ in your AFYC shopping cart @ check out and AFYC will donate 10% as well.All Digital Prints Printed on High Gloss Metal/Shipped with a Certification of Authenticity. No Framing Needed-Floats On WallOriginal Art Printed On High Gloss Metal. Comes With Metal Bracket For Hanging.Metal prints are durable, and are scratch resistant, stain resistant, moisture resistant, and fade resistant.Created by directly infusing the image into specially-coated aluminum using a sublimation process.Aluminum is approximately .045″ thick.The back of each metal print is brushed metal.

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