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Tom duBois

About Tom duBois

Tom duBois graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago in 1978. The first job opportunity that came along was to do illustrations for a Christian publication. Rejecting that offer he elected instead to draw storyboards for the high paying big Ad agencies. The advertising agency work got him involved with an animation studio and he began to design and illustrate backgrounds for animated spots. For several years, he did all the backgrounds for Cap’n Crunch and many for Fruit Loops and other breakfast cereals. This work led him to take on other opportunities for package illustration that helped him develop his photo-realism skills.From labels of dog food, to jelly jars, to Nintendo and Gameboy video games, and advertisements, he went to The Bradford Exchange to create images for their collector plates as well as Enesco Corp. (Precious Moments) to help with product development. Both of these companies had licensing agreements with Disney so this gave him the opportunity to work with Disney on developing figurines, music boxes, and Christmas ornaments. This work with Disney led him to Somerset House Publishing who was working on a project to produce 5 images of classic films (Snow White, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Pinocchio, & Alice in Wonderland). So, over the years, millions of eyes have seen his work except he was never able to put his name on it.According to Tom, “I believe the word Religious is simply too broad a term to describe the paintings I only do now. My work is definitively Christian. And I am a Christian who belongs to a community of believers in communion with an awesome personal God who has tented among us and offers forgiveness of sins with His precious gifts. This is art that transcends human rendering into the realm of the Divine. Work that is the shadow of the wings that fly over me. For His Glory and His sake, Symbolism and imagery that collaborates with the Holy Scriptures, in color and light, in Grace, and in Christ!”

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