Celebrating Black & Indigenous People Of Color

Win $500 + $500 for any nonprofit you choose

AFYC is providing a platform for artists to showcase their BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of Color) related work to highlight and communicate a cause they believe in.

Due to circumstances beyond our control we unfortunately had to change the name of the contest from “Black History Month” to “BIPOC Art Contest.” AFYC regrets any miscommunication between our artists, art lovers and nonprofits but Facebook‘s new policies that categorized our contest as ‘political’.

We firmly disagree with Facebook’s policies that AFYC’s Black History Month Contest is “political”. Because Facebook has shut off all “political ads” we are unable to promote this contest. Instead of fighting we decided to rename it…and why not be more inclusive, run the contest longer?
BIPOC = Black Indigenous and People Of Color Art Contest

This contest aims to do more than just “raise awareness” — we are putting our money where our mouth is with $3000 in prizes. Three qualified  winners, selected by a small panel of Art for Your Cause representatives and online voting, will receive a $500 cash prize, PLUS $500 will be given to a cause of the winners’ choice.

AND Earn 10% commission On Every Referred Sale!

Need some extra cash? Looking for a side hustle? How about winning $500 that you can feel EXTRA good about? That’s on top of the 10% commission you’ll earn on every sale you refer!

In addition to the 3 main winners, other contestants have a chance to win AFYC gift cards in addition to their earnings. There are so many chances to win, you’d be crazy not to join! So use those influencer super powers of yours to share you love for art and your unique AFYC affiliate link, then sit back and watch those profits roll in.

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