Calling All Artists!

AFYC allows artists a way to give back without giving away

How do artists benefit from working with AFYC?

When artists work in collaboration with nonprofits, who in turn share their artwork with their supportive followers, the artist has the opportunity to meet new patrons and enthusiasts for their art. Nonprofits cultivate dedicated, supportive and generous followings, those who are inclined to give donations to support a worthy cause. Through associating with them as a champion of their cause, artists can create significant value for themselves and their art within the nonprofit’s donor base and local community.

Gain Exposure

We’ll provide you an additional sales channel to promote and sell your original artwork. You will be able to expand your creative horizons by showcasing your work on our ever growing range of premium consumer goods.

Sell Your Work

Sell your work online through original art, auctions, and print on demands products. You also receive commission for any products that sell featuring your artwork.

Support a Cause

A percentage of every purchase goes to a cause you and your buyers care about. Feel good about your art without donating it to auctions.

Share Your Art

AFYC makes it easy for you to share your work with your collectors and potential collectors, friends, family and social media contacts.

Print On Demand

AFYC fulfills, prints, ships, markets and handles customer service—so all you have to do is create more beautiful art!

Find Your Collectors

AFYC is focused on finding art-focused collectors all over the globe who want to discover new artists and their unique creations.

AFYC has created a new custom dashboard for our artists. This new dashboard is packed with features, allowing users to create and design products, hold auctions, track sales, manage payouts, and much more – all within one convenient field of vision.

New Tools For Artists


Artists can put their own paypal link on their profile page for direct donations.

Original Art Products

artists can list their original artwork for sale on AFYC, without using our auction feature.

Merchandise Products

Nonprofits and Artists alike can list ANY products for sale on AFYC, for which they already maintain an inventory, (t-shirts, accessories, etc...)

ArTist/nonprofit collaboration

Artists can share a portion of their earnings with nonprofits they would like to support.

Chat system

AFYC registered users can instant message other users. This can be used as a preface to an artist collaborating with a nonprofit, or simply to chat!

AFYC House products

Need some products to get started? No problem! Nonprofits can choose from of our "house" products to add to their profile page. The best part? If anyone buys these products off your page, you'll earn as if the product were your own!

What's In It For You?


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