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How do Nonprofits benefit from working with AFYC?

AFYC gives back to nonprofits through our custom-built shopping cart where every purchase pays a nonprofit 10% from the profit of each sale. Nonprofits who partner with AFYC benefit from being a part of a community that brings artists and art lovers together.

Gain Exposure

Whether you are a well established non-profit or just getting started, partnering with Art for Your Cause gives your organization more exposure and awareness.

Raise Money

A percentage of art sales goes to a cause artists and buyers care about. Partnering with Art for Your Cause gives you another avenue for raising funds.

Support Artists

Our main source of revenue is original artwork and products that feature our artists work. Raising money on Art for Your Cause supports our creative communities.

AFYC has created a new custom dashboard for our partner nonprofits. This new dashboard is packed with features, allowing users to create and design products, hold auctions, track sales, manage payouts, and much more – all within one convenient field of vision.

New Tools For Nonprofits

Customize your profile to make it your own and design and manage all your own products:
Create Products With Your Logo Or Other Graphics
Edit Your Products
See Your Number Of Followers

Original Art Products

artists & nonprofits have the ability to list their original artwork for sale on AFYC, without using our auction feature.

Merchandise Products

Nonprofits and Artists alike can list ANY products for sale on AFYC, for which they already maintain an inventory, (t-shirts, accessories, etc...)

ArTist/nonprofit collaboration

Artists can share a portion of their earnings with nonprofits they would like to support.

Chat system

AFYC registered users can instant message other users. This can be used as a preface to an artist collaborating with a nonprofit, or simply to chat!

AFYC House products

Need some products to get started? No problem! Nonprofits can choose from of our "house" products to add to their profile page. The best part? If anyone buys these products off your page, you'll earn as if the product were your own!


Nonprofits can create original art auctions from within their dashboards to raise money for their causes, as well as providing a new way to sell their art


Nonprofits can create custom designs on a variety of products and earn money from their sales.

Here Are The Perks:

Nonprofit Partnerships:

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