Anthony Pham

New York born artist and Texas transplant Anthony Pham has always always had an interest in art but never took art very seriously until later on in life; always considering it more of a hobby than a possible career.

Having more of an interest in skateboarding, comic books and other distractions these life experiences would serve to inspire his artistic choices later on in his career.

This all changed in late 2011 when he was invited to participate in his first art show which was a large event centered around skateboard and surfboard art which all spawned from a reply to a picture of a skateboard he painted on Facebook. Needless to say he caught the art bug after that and rediscovered his old passion for art which was the catalyst that would ignite and influence the rest of his journey.

Anthony’s art is heavily inspired by his childhood influences. Many of his works hearken back to favorite movies or comic book heroes, villains and some departures into fine art portraiture and multimedia pieces. His body of work features various grayscale and color renderings of pop culture icons and homages to his favorite Marvel and DC influences.

His current multi-media pieces are centered around Catrina and Dia de los Muertos themes that feature multiple lighting effects. His work is pretty Fantastic and we hope that you all enjoy and support his art!

In his spare time Anthony Pham works on his non-profit project in which he hopes to spread awareness to Epilepsy through the medium of art. This highly ambitious project features art pieces made using his own seizures as a vehicle to help raise funds and awareness to Epilepsy and it’s many causes.

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