Marc McCurdy

Stepping into the world of self taught painter Marc McCurdy (b. Wichita, KS) Dallas area studio where you will find painted treasures, collaged and layered substrates textured from individual ‘puzzle pieces’ into ‘stained glass’ like tapestries.

Marc McCurdy creates his art spontaneously first from chaos then transforming it into beauty.

Starting with what appears at first as disjointed objects which through colorful shapes and mark-making then become visible attributes through color… defining each piece into fantasy like landscapes or textured abstract paintings.

One discovers by looking into each of his paintings where lays a world beyond ours, deep and mysterious places beckoning us to come inside and spend time meditating or feeling sacred.

McCurdy states: “Every painting I work on is very challenging to me. Through the process I’m breaking down walls that surround me artistically. Each painting I complete is a remedy allowing me to grow as an artist

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