How Both Creating and Purchasing Art Can Affect Mental Health

How Both Creating and Purchasing Art Can Affect Mental Health

Art has a powerful effect on both its creators and its admirers. Like most things we enjoy, art can calm, ground, and relieve stress. 

There have been studies on the effects of creating art and purchasing art on a person’s mental health. Here’s what we know about the relationship between art and mental well-being.

How Creating Art Affects Your Mental Health

Studies show that art is a powerful therapy for mental health. It is used by many health professionals to help patients not only process feelings but treats stress and anxiety. 

Here are a few ways art is effective in improving mental health.

Creating Art Relieves Stress

One study measured cortisol levels in 39 adults before and after creating mixed media art. Their cortisol (stress) levels were significantly lower after the assignment.

Art Boosts the Self-Esteem of Creators

Tapping into the creative part of your brain consistently helps you feel good about yourself. It validates your ideas by expressing them visibly. As with most creative hobbies, it boosts self-worth and confidence.

Art Helps Process Trauma

Healing after trauma takes time and many forms of therapy. However, research shows that art therapy is an excellent option for patients. It helps process pain and connects the body to the mind facilitating healing.

Art Therapy Helps Users Tap Into Positive Expressions

Expressing yourself by creating art allows you to let go of feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress. It emphasizes relaxation and rediscovering your inner child.

How Purchasing Art Affects Your Mental Health

While creating art is a great way to boost your mental health, simply enjoying art around you can also result in positive emotions. We’ve found that viewing art can be just as beneficial as creating art. Here are some examples.

Reducing Stress by Focusing on Art

In addition to creating art, taking a deep look at art can also reduce stress. Art is hung in places like hospitals because it is scientifically proven to minimize anxiety. This is especially true with calming scenes. 

It was even found that artwork in hospitals led to less pain and a quicker recovery for more patients.

Focusing on Art Exercises Your Brain

When you look at art, your brain works to identify familiar patterns and put meaning to what you see. It may even make you feel a part of the artwork. As the neurons in your head translate what you see, you start forming an emotional attachment to the piece. 

Additionally, when you’re in this state of analysis, you tend to focus on something other than yourself, thus interrupting the pattern of negative thoughts and giving your brain a chance to recover and heal.

Increase Endorphins and Dopamine

When you view a piece of art you enjoy, your body releases dopamine and endorphins – the same chemicals you feel when you’re in love.

Purchasing Art Improves Your Mental Health And That of the Artist

Art is truly therapeutic and can help improve your mental health, whether purchasing it or creating it. 

When you buy art from Art For Your Cause, you’ll bring home art that improves your mood and know it’s from an artist that benefited equally from creating it.

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