How To Create A Sense Of Urgency To Sell Your Art

How To Create A Sense of Urgency to Sell Your Art

As artists, we know that the sale of art can be a drawn-out process. Prospective buyers often need time to think and deliberate to ultimately decide whether or not they will take a piece home.

However, the longer they take to decide, the more likely it becomes that they’ll pass on the purchase.

Why is this?

Put simply, there isn’t a sense of urgency.

It’s the same reason why websites tell you “If you order this extra nonessential item in the next hour, you’ll get free shipping!” More of us are likely to add it to our cart, because, well, who doesn’t want free shipping?

By adding a sense of urgency, businesses can lock down a sale before you leave their site.

You may be wondering how you can go about creating this sense of urgency to sell your artwork. Keep reading to find out a few tips and tricks that have worked for others.

Everything is One-of-a-Kind, Right?

Whether we want to admit it or not, everyone hates missing out. We hate it even more if someone else gets to enjoy it in our place.

Use this quality in humans to your advantage.

If you have a possible buyer ruminating on a piece, let it be known that others are interested in that same piece, and you can’t guarantee it’ll be there when they come back.

You can also offer returning buyers sneak previews of your latest work before anyone else. Be sure to offer them an incentive to pre-order a piece well ahead of time. This will offer a sense of exclusivity and give a potential buyer a perceived “edge” on the rest when it comes to being able to secure one of your prized artworks.

Let It Be Limited Edition

Limited Edition. These two words have caused countless buying frenzies around the world for a reason. If your latest work is only going to be a smaller collection, let prospective buyers know.

We’re sure they would hate to miss out on work that will never be produced again, all because they were afraid to bite the bullet. Advertise pieces with words like “limited quantities” and “only two left” to achieve the desired results.

Everyone Loves Free Shipping

As we mentioned earlier, everyone loves free shipping! For whatever reason, shipping costs seem to rub us all the wrong way. We’ve heard of countless people abandoning several items in their carts online due to what they think are outrageous shipping costs.

Use this to your advantage, and try to work the shipping costs into the price. Make sure to set a deadline for free shipping.

This way, they’ll be more encouraged to make a decision when they see how much they are saving.

Make Good Use of Any Upcoming Holidays

Check your calendar to see what holidays are coming your way. Hold a Christmas sale, or have limited edition artwork available for Valentine’s day. In this case, the deadline is set for you. All you have to do is sit back and wait.

And be sure to share it all on social media!

Increasing Urgency Increases Profit

With an improved sense of urgency, you can demand higher prices and make more sales. If you want to dive deeper into a case study that outlines exactly that, take a look at this article that outlines, from a marketers point of view, ways to increase urgency when selling anything.

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