How To Succeed On Instagram As An Artist

How to Succeed on Instagram as an Artist

When used correctly, Instagram can be a huge asset to artists. Artists can freely display their artwork, connect with followers, and meet like-minded artists – all in one place. However, building a successful brand on Instagram takes more than merely posting a photo and waiting for the likes and follows to roll in. Here are eight tips and tricks to make your Instagram page a successful one to help you out.

Set Yourself Up For Instagram Success

Starting Instagram with a solid foundation is key for your success on the platform. Before you start posting your artwork, think about your page design. It might be useful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What will my username be?
  • What information will I include in my bio?
  • How will I link my website? (Linktree or a single link)
  • What will I use for my profile picture?
  • Will I have a color scheme?

One of the first ways to get your art noticed is to have a unique profile photo. You can choose to make it your logo, a distinctive piece of art, or even a photo of you! While your bio can say whatever you would like, be sure to add relevant keywords to it. This will make it easier for people to find you online.

Create a Plan of Action

A solid plan of action will make it easier for you to keep up with your Instagram. Sit down and make a list of what you will do to grow your Instagram. If you plan to interact with three new artists every day, write that down. If your goal is to post one photo every day, write that down.

Having a solid plan to keep yourself accountable will help you on days where you’re not quite what to do. Although you want to stay on top of your posting schedule, the last thing you want is to experience burnout. You still need to buy out the time to make art too!

Post Regularly

No one wants to follow a page that posts sporadically. A low number of posts may turn off new followers, and once-loyal supporters will eventually follow a static page. To avoid this, be sure to post regularly to continue interacting with your followers.

While you can make a traditional post, Instagram now has stories, IGTV, Reels, and live streams that you can add to your arsenal. If you post a new piece of art, why not create a short IGTV talking about the piece’s inspiration? Or create a quick reel showing the artwork from start to finish?

Posting consistency helps people remember who you are. This way, you’ll be the first artist who comes to mind when they think about investing in artwork.

Engage With Fellow Artists

Community is key to succeeding on Instagram. Your friends and family are probably loyal supporters of your artwork, but don’t stop there. Look out for like-minded individuals on Instagram and start following them. They can be people who create art in similar mediums or others in the industry. This may include galleries, art collectors, art consultants, or even interior designers.

One way to get their attention is by liking and commenting on their posts and stories. You can give genuine compliments or ask questions, but make sure they are always genuine. There’s nothing more annoying than a follower using you to get ahead.

When people see that you are here for the long haul, they may get curious and check out your page. Once they do, you’ll start popping up on other’s recommended pages as well.

Keep in mind that this can get a bit time consuming since you need to make time to have meaningful engagement with different pages. To combat commenter fatigue, designate time each day to engage with fellow artists and other pages.

Put Your Best “Photo” Forward

It’s not enough to simply post content. You need to post high-quality content. Think about the photos that you gravitate to when scrolling through your feed. You’re more likely to double-tap high quality, crisp, impressive images than crooked, blurry ones.

While your friends may let you off the hook for a less than stellar photo, potential buyers may not be as forgiving. Make sure to post photos that show your artwork in the best light. Include thought-provoking captions that invite discussion. Even if people don’t respond at first, they will eventually, so don’t give up.

Hashtags are Your Best Friend

Hashtags are every businesses’ best friend. They make your post searchable, enabling it to be found by millions of users. When it comes to artists, you want to focus on using specific hashtags to narrow your audience.

Using hashtags like #acrylic, #watercolor, or #art would work, but there are millions of photos with those tags.

For example, look at the hashtag #watercolor. Instagram currently says that it has 43.4 million photos under this hashtag. However, if you narrow it down to #bluewatercolor, there are only 8.7 thousand posts. If you take it a step further, #bluewatercolorpainting only has 48 posts.

The more niched down your hashtags are, the higher your chances are of attracting new followers.

Be Open to Collaboration

Another great way to promote your art is to collaborate with other artists! Make a list of 10 to 15 artists or partners you would like to collaborate with and reach out to them. They could be other artists, creators, or small business owners that you admire.

Try to connect with users who have similar target audiences. This allows both parties to expand their reach and connect with followers interested in what they have to offer. Artists can also come together to support a cause or charity.

Even though it may seem that Instagram’s success is directly related to numbers, this isn’t always the case. You can experience success without thousands of followers by following these tips and tricks. When your Instagram captures who you are as an artist, you’ll build a community ready to support you every step of the way.

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