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How You Can Support Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine With Art For Your Cause

As the tragedy in Ukraine unfolds, Art For Your Cause is committed to benefiting nonprofits in support of Ukrainian relief through art purchases.

Art For Your Cause Supports Ukrainian Relief With Art Purchases

Like many of you, we feel helpless when we watch bombing attacks as the war in Ukraine claims civilian lives daily. But, there’s also that pang of guilt as we see millions of refugees risk their lives to cross the border into neighboring countries, seeking peace and safety.

Our expressions of helplessness and guilt turn to words of support and solidarity for the Ukrainian people. But we also know that words of solidarity are just that: words.

That’s why Art For Your Cause offers concrete support for Ukrainians impacted by this tragedy to make a tangible difference in their lives. We are proud to provide a platform connecting art buyers with artists while providing support to Ukrainians in need.

Here’s how your purchase of independent artwork from our digital marketplace can make a positive impact on the lives of Ukrainians:

Your purchase can directly benefit nonprofits supporting Ukraine

Throughout this conflict, we’ve seen the homes and businesses of Ukrainians leveled. Residents remaining in the country—and those forcibly displaced—are in desperate need of access to food, clean water, diapers and baby formula, medications, and shelter. As such, the fight to provide crucial aid to Ukrainian lives is a top priority for several dedicated nonprofits.

These organizations work to identify needs and quickly provide relief. But nonprofits can only do so much without consistent access to funds—especially when critical resources are extremely limited. Donations by philanthropically-minded individuals are indeed a massive driver of revenue into the hands of nonprofits. Still, there often aren’t enough people willing to part ways with their money without some return on investment.

That’s where your patronage to Art For Your Cause’s digital marketplace comes in. No matter what artwork you buy or which artist you buy from, 10% of the amount of every purchase made on our platform after production costs is donated to the nonprofit partner of your choosing.

Purchasing unique works of art from independent artists on our platform gives you something to be excited about, to unbox, to display. But more than that, a portion of your purchase goes straight to nonprofits providing Ukrainians the aid they need during this tragedy.

Just type ‘Ukraine’ into the textbox at checkout to discover nonprofit organizations supporting Ukraine, including:

    • Nova Ukraine is a Palo Alto-based organization with a network of frontline volunteers in Ukraine working to provide several humanitarian aid services to those who need it. They also work to raise overall awareness of Ukraine issues throughout the world.
    • Revived Soldiers Ukraine provides direct medical rehabilitation to Ukrainian soldiers, a massively important service as the country undergoes martial law and general mobilization.
    • Save the Children is currently providing a relief fund specifically for Ukrainian children affected by the crisis.
    • Razom is a Ukrainian-American human rights organization supporting and promoting a more equitable society in Ukraine. By amplifying the voices of the Ukrainian people, the group works to encourage positive social change.
    • The United Ukrainian American Relief Committee provides humanitarian aid, education, sustainable land programs, and immigrant programs to Ukrainians in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina, and the US.
    • Ukraine and Ukrainians Abroad Inc. serves the interests of the Ukrainian diaspora to promote a greater understanding of the country. They work to preserve and propagate Ukrainian heritage, an incredibly valuable service as outside forces attempt to erase Ukraine’s cultural history.

Of course, these are just a fraction of nonprofit organizations supporting Ukraine that can benefit from your donation as part of a transaction through Art For Your Cause. Take a look at the complete list of nonprofit partners your purchase can positively impact.

Artists for social impact receive more from your purchase

Art is about expression—and expression can be a powerful form of resistance. Time and time again, we’ve seen the raw power artists wield with only the stroke of a brush or the thread of a needle.

T-shirts advocating for universal freedom are a powerful message of solidarity with humankind. Posters of surrealist natural landscapes can serve as a strong pro-environment stance. Even a simple throw pillow depicting a heart chakra can symbolize love and joy for the world.

As recently as a few weeks ago, the art scene in Ukraine was thriving. From the Pinchuk Art Center in Kyiv to the Lviv National Art Gallery, Ukrainian artists have throughout history expressed their emotions and voiced their thoughts on the world through embroidery, ceramics, weaving, and other artistic outlets. Unfortunately, today, the people of Ukraine are robbed of these expressive channels, and the global art community is all the worse for it.

All it takes is one artist to spark a movement against social injustice to promote a more equitable and peaceful future. But selling impactful art on the world stage to fund more meaningful works isn’t possible without a platform designed by artists for artists.

Artists looking to pave the way toward social justice deserve a platform to promote and sell their original artworks to continue their important mission. Creating a solution means devising an approachable portal connecting artists to an eager community of art enthusiasts.

Show support for Ukraine through art that lives everywhere

When you purchase a thought-provoking art piece from our artist lineup, you’ll be able to show your support for the people of Ukraine from anywhere while also building awareness for this humanitarian crisis.

When you wear a hoodie emblazoned with an independent artist’s signature design, it helps open a symbolic conversation between the artist and new audiences. Displaying an independent artist’s metal print at a museum or local festival elevates their message to the level of artists known more widely. When you carry your belongings in a tote bag styled around an artist’s original illustration, that helps too.

Independent artists can’t afford to create impactful works for themselves. They need financial support from art lovers to continue their mission. We empower art lovers to help artists do just that. Check out our amazing lineup of artworks supporting Ukraine now available to purchase.

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How You Can Support Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine With Art For Your Cause

As the tragedy in Ukraine unfolds, Art For Your Cause is committed to benefiting nonprofits in support of Ukrainian relief through art purchases.

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