About National Museum of Catholic Art and Library

Our mission is to sponsor, promote and support awareness of Judeo-Christian Art, Roman Catholic Art and art of all faiths in all artistic forms in visual art, literature, music, cinema, photography and performing arts.

To promote the collection, preservation and exhibition of Roman Catholic art, spiritual, historic documents, religious arts of other faiths; to continue to promote, on-line museum and library, collect books, manuscripts, periodicals, printed materials for our growing library.

To conduct, sponsor, support, develop and participate in aesthetic and art appreciation programs, designed to inspire and nurture aspiring artists and writers creating Roman Catholic spiritual and religious art in conjunction with museums, libraries, and educational institutions both in the United States and abroad.

To sponsor, promote and support research into and writing histories of the Roman Catholic Faith. To encourage and facilitate communications among writers, artist, instructors and students with a particular emphasis on those engaged in creating, preserving and studying Christian art and literature.

To promote the collection and preservation and exhibition of Roman Catholic art and art of other faiths.

To serve as library for the collection of scriptures, manuscripts, prayer books, missals, theology, lives of saints, devotions and religious literature generally.

To provide speakers and lectures with knowledge about history and religious art and well as create a Christian Dialogue and partnerships on the interfaith and other religions.

To sponsor, underwrite and support circular development, seminars and presentation on topics set for above in churches, libraries, museums, and venues of the public assembly, schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. To provide grants, funds, aids, scholarships and assistance to aspiring artists, art instructors, writers, historians, curators, engaged in projects.

To sponsor, underwrite, plan and develop and carry out traveling exhibitions of religious art and literature for the enrichment of the public.

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