Random Acts Of Kindness During Troubled Times

Random Acts of Kindness During Troubled Times

As the latest pandemic sweeps the nation, we’ve seen humanity behave as never before. There’s something to be said about the power of fear and paranoia, and the lasting effects it can have on people.

However, despite all this, there have been shining beacons of hope piercing through the thick gloom. Here are a few random acts of kindness that are bringing smiles to our faces during these tough times.

Kevin Love Shows Cleveland Employees Some Love

After the NBA suspended its season on March 11th due to a Utah Jazz Center testing positive for coronavirus. While this was a necessary move on their part to protect other players and employees from exposure, it left thousands of hourly employees jobless until further notice.

In a post shared from his Instagram account, NBA player Kevin Love shared that he will be donating $100,000 from his foundation, the Kevin Love Fund, to help those who’s jobs and income have been affected.

Kevin Love is currently a player for the Cleaveland Cavaliers, and it’s no doubt that this will be a big help for the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse employees.

Italy Lockdown Turns Into Balcony Serenades

While many of us are either self-isolating or on a shelter-in-place order, think about those legally ordered to stay home in other parts of the world. This is the case in Italy.

In early March they were facing the largest coronavirus outbreak outside of China. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of their situation, many Italians took to their balconies to feel connected through music.

In one clip, one Italian man chose to sing a song full of hope and a new day. Meravigliosa, a song by the Italian band Negramaro is a song about finding beauty in everyday life. He stood on his balcony with his guitar and sang to an audience that listened raptly and responded with cheers and applause after the last verse.

Other opera singers have taken to their balconies to serenade their neighbors with other Italian classics. In one building, a social media invitation was sent out for a building-wide jam session and for everyone to bring whatever they could to make some music.

Generosity From a Portland Food Truck

When the governor of Oregon announced new social distancing measures due to the spread of the virus, many restaurants took a hit in Portland. This resulted in layoffs and cut hours, leaving hundreds struggling to make ends meet. Justin Hintze, the owner of the beloved food truck Jojo, decided to take matters into his own hands.

Not only did he create a fund by asking people to donate on Venmo, but he also began giving free food to school-age children who relied on their meals at school. When the donations began coming in excess, he started offering free food to all.

Have you seen or heard of any random acts of kindness during this time? Be sure to spread them around or send them in! We could all use some good news right now.

You Can Help Too

If you’re looking for ways to help, too, you can take a look at our list of charities to donate to for COVID-19 relief.

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