Unique Art Mediums That Are Eco-Friendly

Unique Art Mediums That Are Eco-Friendly

Artists care about more than simply creating works of art. They care about the impact their art has on the world around them. 

Recent surveys show that they’re far from alone. Forbes recently reported that “nearly 90% of Gen X consumers are willing to spend an extra 10% or more for sustainable products, compared to just over 34% two years ago.”

The people have spoken, and they want to see sustainable materials in every area of life. That includes the art mediums used to create pieces that adorn their homes and bodies. Let’s explore how artists and art lovers can find unique and eco-friendly art mediums.

Earth Paint

Earth paint is an eco-friendly product that uses natural earth and mineral pigments. There are no nasty ingredients, such as heavy metals and preservatives, that are not good for the artist’s health or the planet.

Natural pigments include iron oxide, earth loam, lapis lazuli, and limestone powder. They provide the deep, lasting tones professional artists need to create works that will stand the test of time.

Natural Paint Brushes and Pencils

Regular paint brushes are full of plastics. Bristles are commonly made of polyester, which may take more than 200 years to decompose

Eco-friendly paint brushes can be made from bamboo, which is lightweight and durable. Animal hair is a natural product used in paint brush production, but animal welfare conditions can be questionable. Other, less controversial alternatives include corn and hala tree fibers.

Pencils may seem inherently eco-friendly, as they’re made from wood. But you can go further by always choosing FSC-certified pencils. They feature responsibly sourced wood from sustainable forests.

Organic, Sustainable Canvases

Canvas is a natural material, typically made from cotton or occasionally from linen. But for it to be an eco-friendly medium, you need to consider the source of both the canvas and the frame.

Thankfully, there are suppliers out there that sell canvases that are produced using sustainable wood for the frames and organic, sustainable cotton for the canvas. Organic cotton usually uses less water to produce than regular cotton. In addition, if the canvas is pure cotton or linen, it will not contain petroleum byproducts that take centuries to break down.

Organic cotton does not use chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizer, making it much kinder to the planet. Frames can be made from recycled materials or wood harvested from sustainable forests.

Unusual Mediums to Try

Eco-friendly mediums are not limited to natural products. What about reusing waste materials that would normally get dumped in the trash?

Some artists use materials as diverse as dryer lint (yes, you read that correctly), pencil shavings, and cardboard packing materials. These non-traditional mediums are cheap, eco-friendly, and help to fuel creativity.

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