Ways You Can Help Those In Need Because Of The Covid-19 Outbreak

Ways You Can Help Those In Need Because of The COVID-19 Outbreak

As COVID-19 spreads throughout our country, many are wondering what they can do to help those that are affected. While we all want to maintain social distance to help flatten the curve, there are things we can do to help those in our communities that may be struggling.

Here are a few ways that you can do your part and help.

Donate to a Response Fund In Your Area

Every area has its respective funds to help those in their immediate community. Become well acquainted with these funds and the best way to donate. These funds are often going to non-profits in the area, who are helping those that need it the most. If you\’re looking for a place to donate, check out this list.

Helping Those Vulnerable In Your Community

Keeping your distance from those in your community doesn’t mean that you have to leave them in times of need. If you have elderly persons in your community, give them a call or text to see if they need anything from the store.

If they’re not very tech-savvy, try stopping by and standing at least six feet away to talk through the door. It’ll show them that you care, and their needs will be taken care of. A grocery run may be a simple thing for you, but for someone else, it could mean their life.

Find Ways to Support The Homeless

The homeless in our communities are even more at-risk during times like these. With many businesses shutting down and other organizations stretched to their limits, they may be suffering more than ever.

Many shelters across the country have been asking those in the community to donate any extra supplies they may have. Why not see if you can spare some cases of bottled water, hand sanitizer, soap, or canned goods? These small donations can make all the difference.

Don’t Hesitate to Use Your Voice

During times like these, most people are generally uninformed about the various needs that may pop up in their community daily. Do your best to keep yourself informed and in the loop.

When you become aware of how people are being affected, share it with your friends and family. Take to social media to post about what organizations in your area are doing to help those who are affected.

Remember that some people may be nervous to ask for help.  A post on social media is an easy, anonymous way to help your followers. Your good example may help encourage others to share information that they come across as well.

Can I Help Even If I’m Self Isolating?

Even if you are currently self-isolating, much can be done to help those in need. Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to shutdowns that have affected shops and restaurants throughout the nation.

Workers like bartenders and barbers rely on people for their income, so they may be hit especially hard now. Why not see if you can virtually tip your favorite workers via Paypal or Cash App?

Even though we need to be distancing ourselves, there are still plenty of ways to help those in our communities that need it.

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