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The ‘Art As A Movement’ Art Exhibition is calling on us to recognize not only art as beauty, but how it can be confrontational, exposing the truth; of how we’re all experiencing constant change (movement) throughout our daily lives.

Every art piece featured in this exhibition, by Elizabeth Schowachert, Lisa Lampton Allen, William Saol and Liz London serves to remind us that ‘creation’ is the life force of the universe, and art is its muse.

Through surrendering to this confrontational power, we are allowing ourselves to accept change, embracing it in our lives.

Through this process we may take comfort that art will always be a force to both guide and inspire us, offering us new opportunities for equality, inclusivity and diversification.
Realizing that art is subjective, experienced through the viewer, let us join together in art as a movement towards wholeness.

Percentage of proceeds from this event/exhibition go to fund creator grants on, enabling collaboration between creators and nonprofits.

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