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The ‘Begin Again’ Art Exhibition calls on us to recognize not only art as beauty, but how it can be confrontational with the truth that we all experience constant change throughout our daily lives.

Every art piece featured in this exhibition, by Elizabeth Schowenart, Lisa Lampton Allen, William Saol and Liz London serves to reminds us that while at times we mourn the ending of one chapter of our lives, we can choose to use art, surrendering to its confrontational power, allowing ourselves to accept to change, starting over to begin again.

Through this begin again process we may take comfort that art will always be a force in our lives to create, confront, guide and inspire us, offering us new opportunities for inclusivity, diversification, and equitable.

Realizing that art is subjective, experienced through the eyes of the viewer, while you view the art, may it cultivate an awareness within you. We invite you to start an inner dialogue with the art. May we recognize that although we all have different paths in our lives, art touches everyone, everything, everywhere across time and space.

Using a similar process for how we create, observe, appreciate and share art, our hope is that we can adopt similar process, learning how to observe and accept individuals as ‘art’, as differing subjects, color palettes, mediums, and textures, each of us like clay, formed and designed into our own unique piece.

Finally, from using that process, upgrading our perceptions of each other, healing both ourselves and our communities.