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We're here to CANCEL the starving artist myth... By Building Cause Based Communities

Art For Your Cause is an online community and e-commerce art gallery featuring premium art products. Every purchase pays an artist and benefits either a nonprofit partner or Causability Collaborative Creator Grants for artists' causes.

We’re Providing Artists A Way To Collaborate With Communities Without Giving Their Art Away.
Causability artist grants provide funds to artists as educators, providing them the ability to collaborate with nonprofits benefiting the publics they serve.


As part of the nonprofit Causability, and as a social enterprise, AFYC receives a smaller sales commission percentage than any other online marketplace. This both enables artists and nonprofit partners both to earn more off each of their sales.


AFYC was built on a foundation of genuinely wanting to help those in need. For this reason, we offer creator grants through, our nonprofit so everyone can not only financially benefit directly from a cause based partnership enabling win, win within the supported community.


We work to benefit all parties involved: artists, nonprofits, collaborating on their causes, and art lovers (aka supporters) helping to grow their community to sustainably grow and prosper.


We believe in transparency. We publicly share our financial model with anyone.. We're here to do good and share our love of art making the world beautiful.

The Bottom Line

Unlike any other art-based online shops, we publicly share our entire financial model.

Here’s how it breaks down for every purchase:

As an artist, Art For Your Cause Founder, Liz London wanted to provide a more effective way to be able to give back to those in her community.

Nonprofits often asked her to donate art for events promoting their causes. Artists who donate their work typically do not receive any payment and sometimes no recognition. Liz wanted to eliminate the  “starving artist myth” stereotype. She knew that other artists shared her challenge. She wanted to find a way to benefit everyone involved. Voilà, the idea for AFYC was born!

In 2022, with the assistance of her family created Causability, a cause based community providing creator grants, fostering collaboration between artists, nonprofits, as well the ability to fundraise.

When artists work in collaboration with nonprofits, who in turn share their artwork with their supportive followers, artists have the opportunity to meet new patrons and enthusiasts who are potential collectors of their art.

Nonprofits often cultivate dedicated, supportive, and a generous following – supporters who are inclined to give donations to a worthy cause. By associating with them as a champion of their cause, artists can create significant value for themselves and their art within the nonprofit’s donor base and their local communities.

AFYC also provides ‘Creator Grants’ through our nonprofit fostering local grassroot community involvement between artists, nonprofits and the causes they care about.

Art For Your Cause ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of the nonprofit

Art For Your Cause LLC is a unique ecommerce platform for visual artists.

A percentage of proceeds from sales on AFYC goes to Causability to fund our ‘creator grant’ programs, providing the ability for collaboration between artists and nonprofit communities building and strengthening their causes through the development of new programs.

Because is a nonprofit, our donation fees are much lower therefore funds can go straight to creator grants for causes.

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