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One Of A Kind Designs

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From Our Happy Artists

Art for Your Cause is my lifeline. I had to put my art career on hold while merged into the role of caregiver for my mother. With my production being cut nearly to half, I had the good fortune of becoming involved with AFYC.

AYFC was an avenue for me to be able to expose my work to a larger audience and make sales while I work from home just outside of Galveston Island in conjunction with my new role as a caregiver. My mother's health began to fail and I found myself in the midst of serious financial difficulties.

AFYC stepped up when they heard about my situation and bulk purchased my current body of work, giving me the financial wherewithal to weather this storm. Although my mother’s health is still failing, thanks to AFYC I am able to resolve the peripheral issues I was facing and provide comfort and care for her.
William Saol
AFYC Artist
Hideout Art is a gift to the community and the Oklahoma City art scene. Everyone who enters Hideout Art enjoys learning trowel painting. During the pandemic Hideout Art suffered financially just like many other art studios. Art For Your Cause stepped in and purchased several of my large paintings and literally kept the lights on here!

AFYC is a true ARTIST LIFELINE and I cannot thank you enough to my very heart and soul. The comfort of knowing that other artists (Liz London) care so much and are out there to help is beyond outstanding and I am so lucky to be loved by and love back AFYC!

Let’s give back by having some new real awareness of just how amazing Art For Your Cause is! Let's look at what Causability will be bringing to our artist world in addition to this amazing step up for artists and buyers alike! Artists!
Lisa Lampton Allen
AFYC Artist
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