Auction Your Art

With AFYC Auctions, you can auction your original artwork within our new dashboard, providing a new way to sell your art and raise money for a cause you choose.

Keep More Money

Compared to other online art marketplaces, AFYC artists keep more of the money generated via auctions. As with all sales on AFYC, 10% of proceeds go to a nonprofit of the customer's choosing.

Support a Cause

Use your auctions as a tool to raise money for causes you support. Artists choose how much, if any, of the proceeds from auctions go to a particular cause. It's entirely up to the artist!

Why Should You Join?

Auction Resources

Fundraising Incentives – Auctions For Charity

Fundraising Incentives – Auctions for Charity

If you’re new to the non-profit world or are simply having a hard time reaching your funding targets, you may be wondering how you can …

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Do Incentivized Fundraising Auctions Raise More Money? How?

Do Incentivized Fundraising Auctions Raise More Money? How?

Many nonprofits cringe at the thought of the time and effort involved in planning an event that is as involved as an auction. Still, few …

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Campaign-driven Crowdfunding – Why It’s Effective

Campaign-Driven Crowdfunding – Why It’s Effective

Click on any non-profit’s web page. You’re sure to see a ‘donate here’ button prominently decorating each page of the website. It’s a no-brainer. Donor …

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