Art For Your Cause Partners With The Clark Hulings Fund

Art For Your Cause Partners with the Clark Hulings Fund

As artists, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our skills — both technical and interpersonal. However, no man is an island. Artists need to understand how they fit into the world around them and use this to grow. However, some artists may struggle to find classes they find useful or appropriate for their skillset. We understand this need, and we’ve decided to do something to help those artists in our community.

Art For Your Cause is proud to announce our partnership with the Clark Hulings Fund to provide business-centered classes for artists.

The Clark Hulings Fund (CHF)

Founded in 2013, The Clark Hulings Fund is a non-profit organization promoting the legacy of painter Clark Hulings. They work to equip visual artists with the education they need to be self-sufficient artists. In addition, CHF understands how vital it is for artists to collaborate with collectors and dealers in the art industry. Offering a mixture of in-person and virtual education opportunities, CHF assists artists in building professional networks in their communities.

CHF Art Education Opportunities

There are dozens of art education opportunities for artists on the CHF website. If artists choose to learn virtually, they have over 90 virtual classes to choose from. Although the classes are self-directed, they include audio podcasts, how-to videos, and digital art business courses in the CHF Digital Campus.

Virtual classes don’t mean that the artists are left on their own. CHF also provides artists with an online learning community from a wide array of business and art experts. Students can connect with others in the same classes, post questions, ask for feedback and get support.

These classes cover subjects such as:

  • Sales Strategies
  • Building Art Websites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Running an Art Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Publicity
  • And more!

Artists looking to invest in their business and get the most out of their website and business will find these classes invaluable. At the end of a course, artists will feel empowered to change the course of their business and improve metrics like sales, branding, and networking.

AFYC & CHF Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, AFYC is excited to announce a partnership with CHF to provide AFYC artists with art education from their website. They’ve provided us with an affiliate discount code of 10% off for AFYC artists. When you purchase your class, enter the discount code “AFYC10” at checkout and enjoy 10% off the class cost.

Further Your Art Education with AFYC

If you’re looking for other ways to further your art education, AFYC displays countless examples of artists trying new skills and exploring different mediums. We feature artists engaging in creative reuse, expressing their feelings through their art, and work to help artists see how they can scale their business. The days of the starving artist myth are far behind us, and we’re committed to helping artists get the support they need to succeed in their careers. If you want to become an AFYC artist, apply today and start selling your work in our Artist Marketplace today.

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