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About Karen Tomkievicz

Karen Tomkievicz originally from New Jersey, but currently resides in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. She studied in Boston and has a degree from Mount Ida College. Her inspiration for watercolor painting for the most part is nature. As an extremely visual person she is always looking at color combinations. She loves to explore how things fit together, the art of seeing the truth-reading between the lines and basking in the detail. Her immense spirit of pursuing boldness-is just a few steps between nature’s path and the spectacle ahead.Karen lets the watercolor itself be her guide. She offers in her paintings the essence of what she is, always with passion. Let her paintings show you a lingering evening, a warm daybreak-or an adventure. Her art promises a simple happiness to the curious few-a song. This is how she reveals her true self. Her original watercolor paintings are a reflection of light, love and beauty personified.

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