Elizabeth Schowachert

I am fortunate to have spent a lot of time in Asia and as a result has grown to love the culture, place, and people. During my time in Taiwan in particular, I became interested in the tools and materials used by artists working in the guóhuà and Sumi-e style of painting and especially in handmade papers, and brushes. Over the years I have adapted many of these materials/processes into my own art practice and more specifically around my brush making, which I feel falls into the category of contemporary Sumi-e.

I also use encaustic paint, mostly by working on a Roland HOTbox, making monotype prints. Because of my interest in encaustic monotype, I have also developed a wide range of interesting, and highly functional tools. While it is true that my silicone tools are made to work on a heated palette, they also work well with other non-encaustic applications such as working on panel with oils, acrylic and other media.

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