Finding Your Identity Through Creating Art

Finding Your Identity Through Creating Art

The past few years have been tough for everyone. Depression and anxiety have risen by 25% worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. Additionally, the isolation of the pandemic has left many of us grappling with questions about ourselves and our identity. 

Art is an often overlooked outlet that can help us get to know ourselves better. Whether you’re a natural-born artist or feel you can’t draw to save your life, creating art can be an amazing form of therapy. As Christianne Strang, professor of neuroscience at the University of Alabama Birmingham, commented to NPR: “Creativity… is important for remaining healthy, remaining connected to yourself and connected to the world.”

Join us as we briefly explore how creating art can help you discover more about the person you are inside.

Defining Identity

Simply put, your identity is everything that makes you, you! It includes your background, your values, your likes, your interests, the music you listen to, and the clothes you wear.

Art and Identity

At its core, art is all about identity–sharing our view of the world with others. So forget formal art training for now–the technicalities are not what we’re focusing on. Instead, let art help you connect with your identity by expressing ideas that are truly personal to you.

How Art Helps You Find Your Identity

Creating art is a tactile, creative experience. When you approach art as a way of learning more about yourself, you’re freed from childhood conceptions of what is good and bad. There’s no need to compare the art you create to anybody else’s–or even to show it to anyone if you don’t want to.

Instead, creating art is about unlocking your emotions and who you are inside and translating them into something tangible. There’s no need to use words. Instead, let your fingers express themselves as you create art from any medium that feels good for you.

Where to Begin

Are you unsure where to begin? Creating a collage could be an accessible starting point. 

How about cutting out inspirational sayings that reflect who you are and creating a design that includes them? Or going out into nature, collecting leaves and other natural materials, and using them to create a piece of art. This can help you reflect on the values that matter to you and what beauty means to you.

When creating art, it may be hard at first to find your style and express your identity. This is because we are all unconsciously affected by the work of other artists and may be drawn to replicate this. 

One way to avoid this is to grab some watercolors and close your eyes. Connect with your thoughts, breathing, and heartbeat. Then paint in response to what you feel inside. What you create will be a true self-portrait, expressing who you are inside.

Take Inspiration From Other Artists

If you’re looking for artistic inspiration, look no further than Art for Your Cause. We are a nonprofit and social enterprise that empowers talented artists by connecting them with nonprofits and art lovers.

View our range of wall decor today. Take inspiration or choose a piece that expresses your identity.

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