How To Increase Your Volunteer Support

How to Increase Your Volunteer Support

With so much uncertainty over this past year, people have been afraid to leave their homes and venture out to new places. For non-profits, this has made finding volunteers especially hard in a time when they’re needed more than ever.

Although many people may feel unsure about coming out to volunteer in person, hundreds of people are still looking to get involved in their community safely and responsibly. If you’re a non-profit struggling to find volunteers to help your cause, we’ve put together a brief guide on ways to increase your volunteer support during this time.

Use Websites to Connect With Volunteers

One way to bring in new volunteers is to get the word out that you’re looking for them. Many people are still looking to participate in their community, but they don’t know where to start.

Websites that work to connect to organizations with volunteers can be of assistance in this area.

There are hundreds of websites online that work to connect up-and-coming established non-profits with highly skilled volunteers. Here are a few that you can use to find new volunteers easily.


If you’re looking for a website to find volunteer opportunities in your area, VolunteerMatch is a great place to start. They’ve matched hundreds of people with thousands of non-profit organizations, and their website is straightforward to use. Organizations can create a profile to connect with over 13 million possible volunteers.

Once you create your organization’s profile, you can add specific volunteer opportunities and find highly skilled volunteers to meet your needs. You can even create a separate section for virtual opportunities for volunteering within your non-profit. Volunteers can enter their zip code on the site and even input specific keywords. By doing this, you ensure you match with volunteers that are as passionate about your cause as you are. is another good option to attract volunteers to your cause. All you need to do is sign up and create an organization profile, similar to VolunteerMatch. has been working to connect people for over 25 years and sees hundreds of volunteers browsing their website postings each day.

After you create your profile, you can post listings for volunteer opportunities to match a volunteer that meets the requirements. On the volunteer’s side, those searching for volunteer opportunities can narrow down the type of organizations they want to get involved in. The ability to filter through non-profits will make it easier to find and connect with your organization.

The website links back to the Points of Light organization. This sizable non-profit organization was inspired by President George H.W. Bush’s Daily Point of Light Award. This award was given to individuals working hard to make a difference in their communities.

Similar to Volunteer Match and, organizations can create profiles to post their need for volunteer support. Volunteers looking to help out can search for opportunities by location and get results quickly.

Re-establish Relationships With Existing Volunteers

If you had a heavy flow of regular volunteers before the pandemic that has now slowed down to a small trickle, perhaps it’s time to re-establish these relationships. As mentioned before, many people are looking to help their communities, but they’re probably not sure where to go. They may not even know if their favorite non-profits are still having events and fundraisers.

There’s no getting around it; it’s going to take some effort on your part to reach out to previous volunteers. You’ll need to update them on current happenings in your non-profit and outline how they can get involved. We’ve gathered a few ways you can re-establish these relationships and increase your volunteer support.

  1. Send out email updates: These email updates should clearly outline your plans moving forward. Inform your volunteers about any upcoming fundraisers and events and explain how they can get involved. Include detailed contact information and let them know that they can email you if they have any questions or concerns about the safety of your events.
  2. Share necessary resources: Chances are volunteers are looking for many ways to get involved right now, so be sure to share other vital resources and information that may be beneficial to your volunteers. However, make sure that these resources come from trusted sources to maintain your credibility in your community.
  3. Use your website and social media platforms: Your website and social media platforms are some of the best ways to share personal information with your volunteers quickly. While they may not go out of their way to visit your website, everyone uses social media multiple times a day. They’re bound to see the news come across their feed and be motivated to get involved. If your website has a volunteer page, why not include a banner to draw their attention to your latest cause and event?
  4. Help volunteers feel safe: To help your volunteers feel safe, explain how you’ll maintain social distancing and safety measures while still furthering your cause. You can even provide volunteers opportunities to work alone or work in small groups of people they trust. Consider providing online training sessions instead of in-person ones to limit the number of people coming in contact with one another.
  5. Give clear and concise guidelines: Inform your volunteers of your strategies and procedures that you’ll have in place to keep things safe and orderly. If they feel confident in your non-profit, they’ll spread the word, and you’re bound to draw in more volunteers.
AFYC Gives Everyone An Opportunity To Give Back

If you’re not yet able to physically go out there and volunteer for a cause that means a lot to you, don’t despair. There are still ways that you can help even from the safety of your home. One way is to get involved with Art For Your Cause.

Whether you’re an artist or an art enthusiast, there are many ways to give back through our website. With every purchase made from our online art marketplace, 10% is donated to a non-profit of your choosing. Sign up to become an artist with us and start sharing your link to give back today.

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